Acorn Publisher was the choice of information and inspiration for professional and serious amateur users of graphics and desktop publishing on RISC OS computers. The magazine went through nine, six-issue volumes before merging with Acorn User magazine. The merged magazine formed a general (but DTP and Graphics rich) RISC OS magazine called Qercus. This archive will build up to include covers and content details of each issue together with selected series of articles in full. Surprisingly back issues of the magazine are still available so if you cannot wait for those articles to appear here you can still access them the old fashioned 'paper' way.

Typically the covers of Acorn Publisher were works of art, frequently produced using ArtWorks or PhotoDesk. Which was your favourite?

Follow the development of this site as old favourites are revealed.

[Volume 9 covers are now on-line - use Vol 9 link above. More volumes and contents to follow]

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