Vol 9

2002 - 2003  

Under a new editor came a number of changes. Page count increased to 48, the magazine gained a complementary website including additional material at aponline, preparation of the magazine was done directly from RISC OS (Ovation) to the printers instead of going through professionally produced 'plates', and printing costs rocketed.

New series included:

Art Course - Mammals where Walter Briggs demonstrated how to get that fluffy look of fur using the editor's surprise choice of ArtWorks - a vector graphics art program ore usually employed for illustrating shiny, manufactured objects. Walter made much use of the blend tool and his Fox was a great hit.

History of Type in which Peter Newble explained the history, starting with pre-Renaissance Radolt Rotunda, and illustrated his subject directly. And another great hit.

Graphicacy How using Draw, and associated vector graphics programs, one can develop the ability to communicate using graphics following the assumption that "graphicacy is ( or should be) a basic skill in the repertoire of all educated people".

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